The full digital ecosystem to boost your R&D

Collaborative Dashboard

A collaborative dashboard designed for managers and operational teams.

You are a manager:

  • Manage your projects and teams
  • Optimize your R&D processes and save time
  • Monitor your teams’ activities (digital labs’ access, resource time allocation, resource costs, …)

You are part of an operational team:

  • Share your works and projects within and between teams
  • Monitor your digital labs (computing loads, brick updates, security alerts, …)

Digital Lab

A customizable digital playground designed for biologists, biochemists, data scientists.

You are a bio-expert:

  • Select and customise ready-to-use software bricks with little effort, including the popular omics tools
  • Visualise your data and results with ready-to use charts

You are a data-expert:

  • Code your own bricks from scratch, without limits and with little effort (VS Code, Notebook, Conda, Bioconductor, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Python, R, Perl, Bash, …)
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