Democratise AI and strengthen collaboration to optimise and accelerate biotechnology R&D

We provide solutions to harness your biological data and accelerate your R&D using the 360° collaborative
platform Constellab™

We Love Our Clients And Partners

We Connect Every Data And Skills For

Lean processes

Easy access to any AI and data solutions

Time saving

Your research more than 4x faster

R&D Sustainability

Your digital R&D processes standardized within and accross teams

What We Deliver

The most advanced and flexible 360° platform to accelerate your R&D processes

Digital Twins and AI

Use and create AI, bioinformatics pipelines and digital twins of cell metabolism for testing and prediction of biological hypotheses​.

Cloud and Data as a Service

Benefit high-performance cloud computing and ready-to-use biological data collected from top reference databases.

Dedicated Services and Support

Reach our experts and online resources, and benefit from our partnership services to design and deploy your custom data solutions.

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