A unique platform making easy to deploy, protect and use your data in the cloud

The most advanced 360° and flexible SaaS platform that digitises all your R&D steps

Data As A Service

Benefit from ready-to-use biological knowledge bases collected and structured from reference open databases:

  • Leverage EMBL-EBI databases (Brenda, CheBI, Uniprot, Biomodels) and the NCBI taxonomy databases
  • Navigate through literature abstracts using our AI-based SmartDB engine
  • Store, manage and secure your data in an interactive DataBox
  • Create and leverage your proprietary databases with little effort

Cloud Infrastructure As A Service

Automate the deployment and maintenance of your digital labs in modern cloud infrastructures with little effort:

  • Configure your computing servers according to your needs (CPU, GPU, RAM, disk space)
  • Benefit from multi-region data replication for high infrastructure resiliency
  • Strengthen your security and reliability.
  • Manage the sovereignty of your data. Access your data from anytime and anywhere. Control your data access rights.

Bioinformatics Bricks

Leverage reference bioinformatics pipelines and create new ones in Genomics and Metagenomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, and More.

You are a bio-expert:

  • Select and customise ready-to-use bricks, including popular omics tools with little effort
  • Visualise your data and results with ready-to use charts

You are a data-expert:

  • Code your own bricks from scratch without limits and with little effort (VS Code, Notebook, Conda, Bioconductor, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Python, R, Perl, Bash, …)

AI and Machine Learning

Benefit from a broad range of ready-to-use and customisable tools for statistical analysis of biological data, machine learning and deep learning modeling:

  • Statistical tests, classification, regression, clustering algorithms, neural networks, …
  • Visualise your data and results with ready-to use charts
  • Code from scratch your own AI, ML, biostatistics algorithms (Scikit-Learn, R, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch …)

Digital Twins

Harness digital twins of cell metabolism to decipher mechanisms of action and predict phenotypes.
Digital twins of cell metabolism, also called digital organisms, are the swiss-army knife of data analysis. They are whole-genome metabolic models designed to mimic the metabolic (functional) capabilities of living organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, plants, animals, …).
With Constellab™:
  • Easily reconstruct and use whole-genome metabolic models
  • Predict single-cell metabolism and microbial interactions

Interactive Visualisation

Collaboratively navigate through data, interactive reports, charts, biological maps to accelerate decision making

  • Dynamically create and share interactive reports
  • Interactively navigate through cell metabolic maps,
  • Leverage a broad range of data-science charts (Tabular, Line-plot, Bar-plots, Heatmap, Box-plot, etc …)
  • Customise existing charts to suite your needs.

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