Helping Companies Put R&D Digital Transformation Strategies Into Action

We answer to digitization challenges in the healthcare and biotech industries


Less than 10% of drugs in clinical trials are now approved and production costs are estimated to reach up to 30% in the drug market. 

We are therefore committed to fast forward the development of new therapies and improve their accessibility for more people in the world by

  • contributing in the discovery of new biomarkers and targets to develop innovative therapeutics
  • advancing our understanding of cell metabolism that is central to almost all diseases
  • democratizing AI and digital twins to optimise bioprocesses and address Industry 4.0 challenges in pharmas and biotechs


Agronomy is the key to meeting the challenges of feeding fast-growing populations, ecology and climate change.

We are committed to developing collaborative digital tools and digital twin technologies to

  • facilitate the agro-ecological transition of  companies in the agronomy industry
  • improve our understanding of host-pathogen interactions to better protect crops
  • decipher and predict the adverse effects of crop-protection solutions on humans and animals.


Nutrition plays a central role in the health and well-being of humans and animals. In such a context, microorganisms are increasingly used in the development of nutritional products (probiotics, food supplements, flavourings and tasting products, …)

We provide digital twins of cell metabolism, called digital organisms, which are the ideal proxy for modelling and predicting, in silico, the behaviour of microorganisms.


We are continuously exploring new frontiers to provide valuable digital solutions to accelerate R&D in biotechnology industries where micro-organisms are used (waste biodegradation, carbon capture, biofuel, …)

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