A unique flexible solution to give life to your data and decipher cell metabolism

Modelling of cell metabolism, Integrating omics data, Understanding mode of actions, Studying of compound activities, …

… you’ll find or create the application you need

Navigating Through Cell Metabolism

Explore cell metabolism maps, assess hypotheses, and extract new insights from your omics data

  • Collaboratively navigate through interactive metabolic maps
  • Map your multi-omics data onto metabolic maps
  • Reconstruct whole-genome metabolic models for well-known or unknown organisms
  • Leverage a broad range of ready-to-use metabolic models collected from open and partner databases

Data Integration and Visualization

Integrate biological data and extract new insights using ready-to-use and customisable bioinformatics pipelines (omics, clinical, imaging, environmental data, …).
  • Annotate and standardise your data using our metadata engine
  • Prepare and process your raw data
  • Benefit top reference bioinformatics and biostatistics algorithmes to analyse your data (Cell mechanisms of action, Target discovery, etc.)
  • Navigate through your data, results and create reports for fast decision making

Cellular Mode of Action

Use digital twins of cells to understand cellular metabolism and host-pathogen metabolic interactions

  • Leverage ready-to-use models or reconstruct whole-genome metabolic models using our knowledge base
  • Contextualise and create your own digital twins using your data
    • Omics data,
    • Culture conditions
  • Test thousands of biological hypotheses in silico to accelerate wet lab pipelines

Optimization of Living Organisms and Bioprocesses

Use digital twins of cell metabolism to

  • design and optimise your strains early in your R&D processes,
  • optimise, monitor and control your bioprocesses,
  • improve your production yields.

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