Sharing Knowledge, Supporting Education And Open Innovation

Prepare your future with Constellab™, the next-generation digital platform in biotechnology


We believe in the curiosity of students and their willingness to discover new technologies and innovate.

Each student gets its own personal lab to create and share in silico experiments.

We are committed to providing with students:

  • easy access to Constellab™ to support their studies and academic projects.
  • certifications to validate their digital skills and boost their careers

Universities and Schools

We support data and biology teachers to prepare their students to succeed in their future providing them with a true digital experience at scale.

Request access to Constellab™ as a partner.

Open Academic Research

We believe in open innovation and support the up-cycling of public data for better knowledge sharing.

We partner with life science research institutes, looking for state-of-the-art in silico tools to perform industrial and academic research projects at scale.

We offer:

  • a dedicated collaborative environment to bring together multidisciplinary teams combining internal and external experts
  • the opportunity for PhD students to access cutting-edge analysis tools.

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