We help our clients and partners to unlock digital opportunities in their R&D

We are committed to helping our clients and partners by providing a digital platform where everyone can protect and value their work

We Love Our Clients And Partners

Biotech companies

We are helping forward-thinking biotechnology companies to put their R&D digital transformation strategies into action.

We help biotechnology companies and pharmas to accelerate their R&D processes, and strengthen effective collaboration among internal and external teams.

Data-service providers

Leverage Constellab™ and our ecosystem to create and deliver your products and services faster.

We offer a unique network of partners to deliver innovation and value with Constellab™, including

  • data analytics and application providers,
  • support and certification partners

If you are interested in becoming a new partner, please contact us.

Academic Labs

We support open innovation and public academic labs in their R&D projects for sustainable knowledge sharing.

We therefore partner with life science research institutes looking for state-of-the-art in silico tools to deliver industrial and academic research projects at scale.

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