Making Every Scientist Happy Everyday!

We give life to data to accelerate the development of tomorrow bio-solutions for sustainable health and well-being


We empower collaboration within and across R&D teams by:
  • Connecting silos at work
  • Promoting knowledge sharing

R&D digitization

We support R&D digitization of companies by:

  • Accelerating and securing their digital transformation
  • Making their data sovereignty real
  • Ensuring the global traceability of their R&D processes

R&D sustainability

We ensure R&D sustainability by:
  • Upcycling open data
  • Promoting green computing with cloud-based solutions
  • Standardizing R&D digital processes

Our Values


We believe in collaboration for sustainable R&D. We promote fair and open data to make knowledge accessible for everyone.

Commitment and integrity

To build a better world, through technological innovation, we are committed to the responsible use and reuse of data, to data transparency and data traceability.


We are user-centric, committed to democratize AI and digital twins by making these innovations accessible to everyone.

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