Discover the new website of Constellab

Discover the new website of Constellab

July 17, 2023

Gencovery is pleased to present the new website of its Constellab™ software platform

👉 To learn more, visit

Come and discover how Gencovery democratizes access to artificial intelligence and data to accelerate research, training and innovation in biotechnology.


Are you looking for a digital platform to efficiently federate, manage and exploit your laboratory data in biotechnology?


The Constellab™ platform is made for you. It allows you to:

  • Benefit from secure computing and data infrastructures
  • Manage your complex R&D projects effortlessly
    Federate, analyze and enhance your data
  • Visualize and share your data and analyses between teams
  • … and therefore boost your R&D by at least a factor of 6!


Some new features 👌:

  • You asked for it, it’s done! Constellab™ is now available on-premises for companies, organizations wishing to deploy it locally (on site) to accelerate their R&D
  • In addition to OVHcloud, Constellab is now available at Microsoft AZURE
  • The Plotly engine is integrated into Constellab™, which simplifies visualization in your complex data
  • The Constellab™ Community community platform is also out ( It provides the documentation to support you in getting started with Constellab™ and also allows you to share your experiences with the community.


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